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"A visionist is an artist, a creator or an individual that sees beyond what is visible to the eyes and brains of human beings. Visionists are thinkers, they are the recognisable brains in soociety, but most times they are seen as absurd, "nerds" and misfits – they just don't fit into the societies. They are people with great dreams and minds."

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Visionist as Feminst

The Girl Effect

This is a great, simple, and not so out of the box idea that will rock our world:
I want to thank my son Andrew, more commonly known as Bad Brilliance, for sending it to me.

When I was the Executive Director of the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill, the most significant thing that we accomplished , in the wake of the 1995 Beijing Women's Conference, was to launch the Girls' Leadership Workshop. Now over a decade old, GLW at ERVK continues to teach girls Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way, to use the title of the book by that name written by Robin Gerber. BTW a number of people are reading Robin's novel that fantasizes that ER actually did run for President, Eleanor vs. Ike. We came pretty darn close in this country to electing a woman as President this time. That too shall come to pass.

For information on the GLW: http://www.ervk.org/html/glw.html

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