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Friday, January 23, 2009

An Excellent Choice for the NY Senate Seat

Governor Patterson of New York has made a very good selection for the US Senate seat from New York vacated by Hillary Clinton. I lived in the Hudson Valley for almost seven years and being Executive Director at one of the Roosevelt Historic Sites, local politics was always part of life there. Besides being concerned with the United Nations and national political life, we were always interested in city, county and state politics and local congressional races. We usually knew our local political leaders. I did not know Kristen Gillibrand, because she was not a US Congresswoman when I was there, but I know about her predecessor, Rep. John Sweeney, who had the reputation of an ultra-conservative in that region. Sweeney earned the moniker, "Congressman Kick-Ass" from none other than President George W. Bush for his role in the 2000 elections in Florida. He also had a reputation for drunk driving and domestic violence that probably had something to do with his defeat in 2006 by Ms. Gillibrand.

Following is the text of an email I sent to her yesterday when I learned of her impending appointment to fill Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat.

Dear Representative Gillibrand,

I wish to congratulate you on the news that Governor Patterson will soon name you Senator from New York, replacing former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton. Though I no longer live in New York, I was the Executive Director of the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill (ERVK) in Hyde Park, New York (1996-2003) and continue to be involved with the organization. Senator Clinton was a good friend of ERVK's, came to Val-Kill often, and was instrumental in getting funds for the National Park Service to improve infrastructure at the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site. As a former First Lady who admires Mrs. Roosevelt, her interest might appear obvious. However, her interest also stemmed, I believe, from the important work the organization is doing for women and girls, human rights, race relations and diversity and for honoring the " Greatest Generation" through its Elderhostel programs. I hope you have an opportunity to visit Val-Kill and ERVK soon.

I am also so pleased that you are to be appointed because you "took out" John Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney was responsible, in part, for the disruption of the vote count in the 2000 elections, using tactics reminiscent of a storm trooper. I am so pleased that you stepped up to the plate and replaced him. For that alone, you deserve this new honor.


Dan Strassser

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