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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sorry to be out of touch

I am not sure if anyone missed me, but I am sorry I have left my blog go so fallow for the past seven months.   Perhaps it was the impact of the major change going on where I work as a defense contractor.  During this period, US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) was "disestablished" as one of the twelve major DoD so-called Unified Commands as an early budget reduction or "efficiencies" measure.  After closing down its superstructure of General Officers and most of its staff, only certain parts of the Command were allowed to remain and were each assigned to other DoD entities.   As it happens, I worked in the J7 or Training Directorate, which was continued,  and we are now under the Joint Chiefs of Staff as part of the Joint Staff's J7.    So as some would say, I "survived" JFCOM's demise.  Some might even call it a promotion.  No doubt the dust still has not settled on JFCOM.   There is new leadership in the J7 and a restructuring, lots of moving of offices and new initiatives.  However, the fundamental work of the training arm, the only Joint Trainers in the US military, continues on in pretty much the same way as it did before.   Nobody who did make it through the "transition" feels totally secure in their position.   After all the state of the economy and high unemployment do not lend themselves for people to take their jobs for granted now, if they ever foolishly did.   People are working hard to demonstrate their value added to the new organization.   The big buzz word of the transition was that we would be an organization which functioned on a "demand signal."    In other words, the fate of the organization and everyone in it, especially contractors, would be based on how much of its services were requested by its "customers," in most cases referring to its regional Combatant Commands.  So far, the demand signal has been strong.  Nonetheless, any reorganization introduces a set of uncertainties, as old structures and functions are reassessed and evaluated for their contributions to the overall effort.  So, I would say, so far so good, and I do hope to write more frequently in my blog now that our work has become somewhat normalized.   See you soon!


  1. Hi Daniel,
    I did miss you!
    Was thinking the other day, where you were. Nice to have you back, with your insightful thoughts. Keep on going !