What is a Visionist?

"A visionist is an artist, a creator or an individual that sees beyond what is visible to the eyes and brains of human beings. Visionists are thinkers, they are the recognisable brains in soociety, but most times they are seen as absurd, "nerds" and misfits – they just don't fit into the societies. They are people with great dreams and minds."

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Types of Globalization

Technological: IT, Biomedical, Green, Robotics
Population: Growth, Aging, Youth Bulge, Women, Labor, Migration
Economic: Commercial, Industrial, Communications, Services
Financial: Investments, Banking, Exchange Rates, Black Markets, Money Laundering
Cultural: Ideational, Ideological, Educational, Civilization, Pop Culture
Political, Democratic, Multinational Organizations, International Law and Regimes, Rule of Law, Civil Society
Military/Security: U.S. as a Super-Power, Nuclear Proliferation, WMD, Alliances, Rising Powers
Environmental: Global Warming, Bio-Diversity, Deforestation
Health: Pandemics, Potable Water, AIDS/HIV, Malaria
Resources: Water, Food and Agriculture, Energy and Fuels, Minerals
Terrorism: Islamic, Ethnic, Religious, National,
Crime: Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, Piracy, Trafficking in Persons, Conflict Diamonds

Though there are specifically political forms of globalization, all globalization has political dimensions.

•The Threats:
–Sub-national Conflicts and Failed States
–Radical Islamic Terrorism – “Clash of Civilizations”
–Authoritarianism – From Self-Destructing Zimbabwe to Rising China
–International Organized Crime – Drug Trafficking
–Widespread Corruption
–Global Economic/Social Inequality - Displacement of Jobs
–Population Pressures
–Ecological Threats – Global Warming, Melting Ice Caps, Rising sea levels, Hurricanes
–Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
–Resource Wars – Fuel, Water, Food, Raw Materials
–Human Rights Violations, War Crimes and Genocides

•The Benefits
–David Ricardo and comparative advantage
–Expansion of trade, industrialization, finance and GDP
–Expansion of International Law and Organizations
–Expansion of Freedom, Democracy, Civil Society
–Expansion of Development and Foreign Assistance
–Expansion of Western Culture and Values
–US a principal beneficiary of Globalization
–Empowerment of individuals, women, groups, minorities

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